Gospel Application Track

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About this Learning Track

The Gospel Application track contains the six Porterbrook courses that specifically relate to “Character”—living and leading out a gospel-transformed heart.

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Course 1 :
Gospel Change

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About this Course

The goal of the Christian life is to be conformed to the likeness of Christ (Romans 8:29). In this course you will learn how to apply the gospel to your everyday life. It teaches Christians to connect the truth about God with our 'Monday-morning struggles'. You will find out how change takes place as God’s truth is applied to the heart, and also how to effectively minster the gospel to those around you.

Course Overview
  • Unit 1. The dynamics of gospel change
Unit 2. Gospel change and repentance
Unit 3. Gospel change and faith
  • Unit 4. Head and heart in Christian experience
Unit 5. The means of grace - the bible, prayer and community
Unit 6. Holiness - its nature
Unit 7. Holiness - relationships
Unit 8. Holiness - conversations
Unit 9. Holiness - thankfulness

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Course 2 :
Gospel Living

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About this Course

The gospel is not just the message we proclaim, it is also the message that shapes our identity, relationships, the nature of the church, mission and everyday life. This is the central course for the whole Porterbrook curriculum. It is all about living a gospel centred life.

Course Overview
  • Unit 1. A life for God
  • Unit 2. A love for God
  • Unit 3. Looking back: to the Cross
  • Unit 4. Looking around: at the Christian Community
  • Unit 5. Looking forward: to Eternity
  • Unit 6. Living now: Decisions
  • Unit 7. Living now: Friendships
  • Unit 8. Living now: Horizons
  • Unit 9. Living now: Possessions

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Course 3 :
Gospel Relationships

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About this Course

Relationships are fundamental to our identity, yet they are fraught with difficulty, fear, conflict and uncertainty. Coming to Christ puts us automatically into relationship with a community of his people. The gospel enables relationships to fulfil their purpose and design. In these nine units you will cover a gospel approach to key relationships and how to navigate some of the major blockages to serving each other.

Course Overview
  • Unit 1. Introversion & Extraversion
  • Unit 2. Conflict
  • Unit 3. Fearing People
  • Unit 4. Humility
  • Unit 5. Gifts And Services
  • Unit 6. Work
  • Unit 7. Marriage
  • Unit 8. Singleness
  • Unit 9. Parenting

Course 4 :
Living the Cross and Resurrection

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About this Course

This course shows how the cross and resurrection provide the pattern for discipleship in the everyday. It calls us to live out the radical implications of grace and to apply the way of the cross to every area of life. You’ll discover how the cross and resurrection empower you in Christ for a life of sacrificial service and joy. You’ll be encouraged to live a risk-taking life on mission to the world as part of a community of people empowered by the cross.

Course Overview
  • Unit 1. The freedom of the cross
  • Unit 2. The community of the cross
  • Unit 3. The power of the cross
  • Unit 4. The life of the cross
  • Unit 5. The pattern of the cross
  • Unit 6. Power to be weak
  • Unit 7. Life to die
  • Unit 8. The message of the resurrection
  • Unit 9. The promise of the resurrection

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Course 5 :
Pastoral Care Part One

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About this Course

All Christians have a responsibility to pastor one another by speaking the gospel in love. This course gives us a biblical definition of pastoral care, interacts with secular approaches to helping others and outlines a biblical approach to change. It sets the foundation for Pastoral Care Part Two.

Course Overview
  • Unit 1. Pastoral care and the Christian: part one
  • Unit 2. Pastoral care and the Christian: part two
  • Unit 3. Pastoral care and the Christian community
  • Unit 4. Pastoral care and secular counselling models: part one
  • Unit 5. Pastoral care and secular counselling models: part two
  • Unit 6. A biblical understanding of the problem: part one
  • Unit 7. A biblical understanding of the problem: part two
  • Unit 8. A biblical understanding of change: part one
  • Unit 9. A biblical understanding of change: part two

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Course 6 :
Pastoral Care Part Two

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About this Course

Depression, anxiety, addiction, low self-esteem, and anger affect us all at some point in our lives. What does the gospel have to say to these issues? How should you understand them and what can you say to help? Find Christ centred answers in these 9 units.

Course Overview
  • Unit 1. A Biblical Process Of Change: Part One
  • Unit 2. A Biblical Process Of Change: Part Two
  • Unit 3. A Biblical Process Of Change: Part Three
  • Unit 4. Issues In Pastoral Care: Depression Part One
  • Unit 5. Issues In Pastoral Care: Depression Part Two
  • Unit 6. Issues In Pastoral Care: Addictive Behaviour
  • Unit 7. Issues In Pastoral Care: Self-Esteem and Guilt
  • Unit 8. Issues in Pastoral Care: Anxiety
  • Unit 9. Issues In Pastoral Care: Anger

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About the Certificate of Completion

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  • Dr. Jonny Woodrow
    Dr. Jonny Woodrow

    Jonny Woodrow is pastor of The Crowded House in Loughborough and a Crosslands faculty member. He is married with four children and is co-author of Ascension: Humanity in the Presence of God

  • Dr. Tim Chester
    Dr. Tim Chester

    Tim Chester is a pastor of Grace Church in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, a faculty member of Crosslands. He is the author of over 30 books and commentaries including You Can Change and A Meal with Jesus, as well as being co-author of Total Church.

  •  Steve  Timmis
    Steve Timmis

    Steve Timmis lives in Sheffield, England, where he is a pastor in The Crowded House. He is also the Executive Director of Acts 29. He has co-authored a number of books with Tim Chester, including Total Church,  as well as authoring a couple all on his own – Gospel Centred Leadership and I Wish Jesus Hadn’t Said That!

How It Works / FAQs

What is a learning track?

A track is a group of courses that provide a guided program of study in a specific subject area.

Why should I work to complete a track?

You should work to complete a track if you desire to build greater proficiency and a more comprehensive understanding within a particular area of study. Completing a track successfully will give you a sense of satisfaction in a job well done and BibleMesh or one of our partners will acknowledge your work through a track.

Can I go at my own pace?

Although a course subscription only provides access to a given course for a set time period, you may take as long as you wish to complete a learning track.

Can I skip certain courses?

In order to complete a learning track, you must complete every course within that track. Some tracks, like the Biblical Languages tracks, also require courses to be completed in a specific sequence, though this is not true of all tracks.

Can anyone receive a certificate of completion?

Yes. Anyone who enrolls in a course on BibleMesh can work toward earning a certificate of completion.

How do I receive a certificate of completion?

Upon finishing all the courses in a track, you may apply for and receive a certificate of completion.

Is this certificate of completion recognized for credit by colleges and seminaries?

Several colleges and seminaries do accept BibleMesh Biblical Language courses as a pre-requisite or advance placement option. But, if you are interested in earning a credit-bearing certificate that provides degree pathway opportunities to partner academic institutions, you will need to enroll in the BibleMesh Institute. For more information go here.